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We invite you to sponsor us in this years Seattle markets and festival circuit this summer!

As we approach our 1 year opening anniversary we aim to push ourselves to scale our business in the Seattle market. 

We at Mahaba are so excited to join this summer’s Seattle fair and festival circuit! We will be bringing our A-game with a beautiful booth set up including a small bar counter, on-site refrigeration, and new products for each event.  

The events on the calendar so far are:

Northwest Folklife Festival
Festival Sundiata
Umoja Festival
Amazon Black Business Network events
Africatown/Black Dot Events
Fremont Street Market
Pride Festival
Farmers markets
And many more as we are able to sign up

Some of the new treats, drinks, and gels we will premier at each event will be Chocolate covered strawberries with Sea Moss gel inside served frozen, Peach iced tea, Sea Moss fruit leathers, ice pops, and new flavors of gels. At each event we will gather feedback for crowd favorites as market research and keep them permanently available! 

As we aim to maintain our best quality standards and high end appeal, while also staying Seattle/Washington state compliant. There are some hefty fees we really need help with so we are reaching out to potential event sponsors and investors to help us scale our business. Our goal is to gain $8,500 in funding so that we can scale in compliance with WSDA and King County food licensing and required insurances, acquire a commissary kitchen, get our products into stores like Central Co-op, PCC, and small cafe’s, restocking product in bulk, and marketing. 

As a sponsor you will receive in return you will receive, if you like, promotional listing in all of our marketing materials and/or product discount.